Through targeted research TechRig identified the need to create ‘on-the-job’ practical opportunities for the betterment of its workers in the field of technical solutions. In 2008 with this objective in mind TechRig undertook its fledgling sponsorship program.

One of the first student to benefit from this , Muzi Sobopha, 28 years of age, has taken this to the next step and is now studying his Bachelor of Arts in Communication Science at the University of South Africa. He is currently in his first year. He is studying this degree to allow him to work in the technical solutions agency arena while simultaneously honing his ability with the indispensably knowledge required around: Client Liaison, People Management and Professional communications.

Muzi has been a permanent member of the TechRig team since 2006. Muzi’s practical experience, under the guidance of TechRig, has assisted with his studies adding to his proficiency. As a result he has a firm understanding of Technical Management which will serve to enhance his ability within this specialist industry. Muzi’s continued success and aptitude results in a win win scenario for both himself and TechRig—underscoring the company’s existing ethos while simultaneously enhancing its kudos. Through hard work and dedication Muzi has developed the necessary skills to assist him in successfully completing his studies. We looking forward to share in this young mans dreams!

TechRig has nominated Johannesburg Children’s Home (JCB) as a main beneficiary of their 2012 Social Responsibility Initiative. The JCB provides a safe refuge for 64 children aged from 3 to 18 years old. The first sponsored event undertaken took place on 4th February when a Fun Day was held to entertain and delight the children at the home.

TechRig donated the technical equipment needed to ensure the day was indeed unforgettable for the children.

Play, laugh, eat – while staging, sound and lighting was all important to ensure a fabulous day, it would not have been complete without the amateur soccer match! TechRig Football Club put up a good fight as the opposing team, however we’d rather not say who won! Suffice to say much enjoyment was derived by all! After the games the children were treated to an all-you-can-eat braai.

Absie Pantshwa – Director of TechRig said:

‘A day of fun in the sun which filled our hearts with joy. The children’s happy faces are etched in our memories for a lifetime.’

TechRig proudly South African